About Me!
Name: Fia
Age: Way too old to play with dolls! LOL (35)
Country: Sweden
Started dolling: December 2003 - I've always loved to paint a draw though, both on and off the computer and hopefully my background as a Sims skinner will help me out.
Me in 3 words: Creative ~ Cat-loving ~ Witch
Other sites/ forums:
Another hobby of mine is to create skins for the game Sims. This is my sim-site! :o)

I'm the Co-Owner and Admin at Simpixels & Graphics, a small, very friendly and very helpful forum for both sim-artists and various graphics artists (mainly dollers LOL). Welcome!!!!

E-mail: dollhouse#@fialand.com

IMPORTANT! Remove the # before sending the mail or else it will bounce. It's used to protect my addy from being used for spam or by viruses.

And speaking of viruses. I'm VERY careful with attachments. If you want to send me an attachment please send me a mail first (without it) telling me that I will get a mail from you with an attachment. Make sure to also describe in the subject line (of the mail WITH the attachment) what it includes. Yes, I'm a bit paranoid, but better safe than sorry. :o)

I also have to ask you not to add my e-mail addy to your address book. This is where a virus will find my addy if your computer gets infected. This means that it will both send virus infected mails to me and use my addy as a fake "sender" when it send viruses to others. I'm doing the best I can to protect my e-mail addy on my site and on my own computer but I can't do it on yours so please respect my whish.

Link to me
Feel free to link to my site. You can either use text link or my banner or blinke. Make sure that you link to http://fiasdollhouse.just nu and that my site opens up in a new window or at least leaves your frames.

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