Doll of the Month!
I've made these dolls for a challenge at Simpixels and I've decided to make a doll of myself for each month so technically these dolls belong both under "Fia-dolls" and "Simpixels" but I thought they deserved a category of their own. That way I can easily include an explanation about how I thought when I created them.

Base for all dolls: Dollz n Stuff (Sorry, no adoption!)

This is me fishing since that's what I've been doing on my vacation. I've also got a flower wreath in my hair to symbolize the Swedish June Holiday Midsummer. (That I celebrated with a casting-rod in my hand. LOL)   What can say July better than roses? (Eh, rain maybe? LOL)

Well, if July was the month of the roses August was the month of the imps. LOL It was also very hot and humid so I had to dress my August doll in as light, airy and cool clothes I could.    

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