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Simpixels is a small, very friendly forum that belongs to me and my friend and sister Lyran. It combines our two hobbies, the computer game Sims and graphics/dolls (mainly dolls for som odd reason LOL). You're very welcome to pay us a visit!

(Unfortunately I spend more time CREATING challenges rather than participating in them. LOL)

The dolls are available for adoption unless otherwise is stated. Hold your mouse over the doll to see who's made the base, click on the doll to go there.

"Winter" made for the Sentimental Base Edit
The beautiful base is made by Steph
(Not for adoption since it's a conest entry as well)

A true "fluffy-bunny" for the
"Make it Pink" Challenge

For the Valentine
  For the Mina Challenge

Doll Swaps
These dolls are NOT for adoption.

From me to Steph in our first Doll Swap   To me from Simthia in our first Doll Swap

From me to Christina in our second Doll Swap   To me from Kiri in our second Doll Swap

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