Lyran ~ Lyran's Loft
Nothing here is available for adoption.

Lyran is my second sister and a VERY good RL friend. We actually me at an international forum about Sims and found out that we were almost neighbors. Sometimes the world is small! LOL Lyran and I run the forum Simpixels & Graphics together and when she finally got sucked in to the world of dolling (Muahahahaha!) I made sure to ask her to become my sister.

Isn't she just lovely? I actually helped Lyran with lots of C/C while she created this doll because she was tricky enough to make me believe it was for another sister. LOL

You would never believe it when you see her dolls but Lyran is actually a newbie-doller. I guess her years as a skinner for the game Sims really pays off. You just HAVE to visit her site and see her dolls! Lyran is the one of my sisters that wakes me up in the morning (eh well, sort of morning) with a phone call forcing me to leave my comfy bed for my computer to be able to discuss dolls deep down to pixel level. LOL

Gifts I've made for Lyran!
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Three impy-fied sisters
& her own imp

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