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Sonja is my third sister and she's the only one of my doll sisters that's a sister IRL too. Or well, a sister-in-law actually since she's married to my brother. It felt quite natural to become sisters-in dolls as well.

Aren't we adorable, all four of us?

You just HAVE to check out Sonja's dolls. She's got a very unique and almost painted, rather than drawn, style (Probably because she's an IRL artist as well) She's very talented with shading and details but what I admire the most in her dolls is how she's able to capture movement.

Gifts I've made for Sonja!
(Newest at the top)

My birthdaygift for Sonja!

Me and Sonja
& her own imp
  Just a hug!
(Sonja LIKES spiders)

Blinkie for Sonja's and my brother's wedding
No that's not the only wedding gift they got. LOL)

Gifts I've gotten from Sonja!
(Newest at the top)

A little "just because" gift. It's very me! :o)

The adorable base is by Sonja. You have to see the other poses!

(one of them is me! LOL)

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