If you use my dolls the rules still apply to you no matter if you've read them or not, so for your own sake, please do.

Things you're NOT allowed to do

* You're NOT allowed to alter the dolls in any way or form, including but not limited to; resizing, recoloring, cutting of parts or removing my copyright.

* You're NOT allowed to use my doll or parts of it for your own creations, including but not limited to; dolls of your own (frankendolling), banners, site layouts, dollmakers/drag and drops.

* You're NOT allowed to create items with my doll to earn money, including but not limited to CDs, mugs, T-shirts etc.

* You're NOT allowed to use my dolls as forum avatars.

* You're NOT allowed to direct link to the dolls (meaning you HAVE to save them to your own computer and place them on your own webspace, not just link to mine)

* You're NOT allowed to pretend the dolls are created by you.

* You're NOT allowed to enter my dolls in contest.

* You're NOT allowed to use any other graphics on this site.

* You're NOT allowed to place the dolls you've adopted on a site that promotes pornography, violence, hatred, racism child- or animal abuse or anything similar.

Things you're allowed to do

* You're allowed to put the doll on your site, as long as you link back to me from the same page (link-page is not enough) and clearly state that the doll isn't made by you.

When linking to me, use the URL

Feel free to use one of these banners if you want to.

* You're allowed to use the doll in forum signatures, as long as you link back to me in the signature.(text link, click on the doll link isn't enough)

* You're allowed to send me nice e-mails telling me you like my dolls. :o) You're also allowed to contact me with any questions you might have. (see contact page for more info)

Layout, graphics and dolls are © Fia, 2003 & 2004 (unless otherwise is stated).